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Mb, S2390 Amd Socket A/462 Athlon Atx, Rev BAtx - SLOT1 / Socket 370 - I440BX Motherboard
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Mb S2390 Amd Socket A462 Athlon Atx

When you go shopping on the web, it can be quicker to get better offers on a variety of products. Mb, S2390 Amd Socket A/462 Athlon Atx, Rev B the top motherboards enhancement. Brand new Mb, S2390 Amd Socket. For additional details on this Tyan motherboard, check out the button.


The Atx - SLOT1 made by Tyan is a fantastic main board for the pc. S1857 is the model number for this Tyan motherboard. Atx - SLOT1. If you want a good deal for this Tyan motherboard, click on the link below.

Manufacturer:Manufacturer: TYAN
Part Number:Part Number:S1857
MPN:MPN: S1857
Binding: Personal ComputersBinding: Personal Computers
Package Height:Package Height: 3"
Package Length:Package Length: 8"
Package Width:Package Width: 6"
Package Weight:Package Weight: 1 lbs.
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