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Amd SP5100; Amd SR5690 - DDR3 DimmTyan Dual Socket C32 Amd SR5690 DDR3 1333 Extended Atx Server Motherboard S8225WAGM4NRF
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Amd SP5100 Amd SR5690
Dual Socket C32 Amd SR5690 DDR3 1333
Price: $1,180.00Price: $579.61

The very best solution for a Tyan main board? See the Amd SP5100 Amd SR5690, a great Tyan main board by Tyan! Among the many features for this main board is the serial attached scsi (sas), serial ata/300 raid supported controller. Other highlights include things like 256 gb ddr3 sdram maximum ram, 4 x processor support and on-board video chipset. The motherboard is 15.7" Height x 19.3" Length x 5" Width and has got a weight of 8 lbs. Are you currently looking at purchasing the Amd SP5100 Amd SR5690 and you are simply looking for the best price for this for it? Perhaps need to know the opinions of some other clients before you buy? If that's the case you happen to be in the right place. Shopping for the amd sp5100 amd sr5690, visit the hyperlink below.


Improve your personal computer's efficiency by adding a Dual Socket C32 Amd made by Tyan. One of the many major characteristics is the pci express x8:1 x pci-e gen. 2 x8 slot (w/ x4 link). Other features include things like pci express x4:1 x pci-e gen. 2 x4 slot, pci express 2. 0 x 16:4 and number of ddr3 slots: 8 x 240pin. The motherboard is 13"H x 12"L x 3.5"W. MPN: 0635872028823. The dual socket c32 amd, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

  • 4 x Processor Support
  • On-board Video Chipset
  • 256 GB DDR3 SDRAM Maximum RAM
  • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Serial ATA/300 RAID Supported Controller
  • Number of DDR3 Slots: 8 x 240pin
  • PCI Express x4:1 x PCI-E Gen. 2 x4 slot
  • PCI Express 2. 0 x 16:4
  • PCI Express x8:1 x PCI-E Gen. 2 x8 slot (w/ x4 link)
  • CPU Type: Dual AMD 45nm 4-Core/6-Core Opteron 4100 Series Processors (Lisbon)
  • South Bridge:AMD SP5100
  • System Bus: Up to 6. 4 GT/s Hyper-Transport link support
  • Maximum Memory Supported: Up to 64GB RDIMM/32GB UDIMM
  • Maximum Memory Supported: Up to 64GB RDIMM/ 32GB UDIMM
  • System Bus:Up to 6. 4 GT/s Hyper-Transport link support
Manufacturer: TYANManufacturer: TYAN
Part Number:0635872026843Part Number:0635872028823
MPN: 0635872026843MPN: 0635872028823
EAN: 0635872026843EAN: 0635872028823
Binding: Personal ComputersBinding: Personal Computers
Height: 15.7"Height: 13"
Length: 19.3"Length: 12"
Width: 5"Width: 3.5"
Weight: 8 lbs.Weight:
Package Height: 3.86"Package Height: 2.6"
Package Length: 19.21"Package Length: 12.5"
Package Width: 15.67"Package Width: 12.3"
Package Weight: 8.07 lbs.Package Weight: 4.4 lbs.
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