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Tiger 230 (S2507D) System Board

Tiger 230

Shopping to buy a brand new Tyan motherboard? See the Tiger 230 a great Tyan main board from Tyan! 0635872005480 is the barcode for this marvelous main board. There's lots of producers that produce electronics, with these producers featuring different price points. When you find yourself purchasing a motherboard, consider an extended warranty. Lowest price on the tiger 230. To learn more about this motherboard, visit the link below.


Model: S2507D
UPS: 635872005480
Package Quantity: 1

Tiger 230 is the perfect choice for those building entry-level servers or workstations on a budget. The Tiger 230 also features plenty of PCI expansion slots for adding high-performance networking and storage adapters. In addition, the Tiger 230 attributes dual USB ports for connecting the most recent external peripherals, 4 DIMM sockets for maximum memory expansion, also as a 4x AGP slot for adding high-performance 2D/3D graphics capabilities. Its dual-processor design and high memory bandwidth capabilities provide power-users with a capable platform for the newest e-centric applications.


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