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Tyan Thunder K8SE S2892G3NR - Mainboard - Ssi Eeb 3. 0 ( S2892G3NR )

Thunder K8SE S2892G3NR

The Thunder K8SE S2892G3NR a great product from Tyan is a great main board. Among the features is the floppy controller, serial ata/300, ultra ata/133 (ata-7). Other highlights include 2 x processor support, 2 x pcie x16 slot and on-board video chipset. The EAN barcode for this fine main board is 0635872010088. The Tyan motherboard dimensions are 3.5"H x 12.9"L x 14.3"W and weighs approximately 5 lbs. Getting a Thunder K8SE S2892G3NR. I want you to get the best price and service when acquiring a Tyan motherboard. Please click on our store button on this site.


Model: S2892G3NR
UPS: 635872010088
Package Quantity: 1

p Server performance and 64-bit power come together inside the kind of Tyans Thunder K8SE (S2892) , a dual AMD Opteron processor motherboard for intensive computing applications. /p Using the capabilities of the highly-scalable AMD64 processor design coupled with NVIDIAs n Force Pro core-logic, and an industry-leading Direct Connect Architecture, the Thunder K8SE delivers attributes such as dual Gigabit Ethernet and single 10/100 LAN ports, dual PCI Express x16 (one x16 and one x4 signal) , and three PCI-X slots, support for up to eight (8) Registered DDR400/333 memory modules, integrated server video, built-in Serial ATA-II NVIDIA RAID, TARO storage add-on card support, and remote management option all provide customers utilizing the potential to perform far more and reach higher potentials in their server applications.


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