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Tyan S7020AGM2NR Dual LGA1366 Xeon/ Intel 5520/ A&V&2GB E/ Ssi Eeb Server Motherboard

S7020AGM2NR Dual LGA1366 Xeon Intel

Seeking Tyan motherboard? Look into the S7020AGM2NR Dual LGA1366 Xeon Intel a great product by Tyan. One of the many key features for this motherboard is the sata: 6x sata2 ports support raid 0, 1, 5 and 10. Other features include things like chipset: intel 5520 and ich10r and form factor: ssi eeb. The Tyan motherboard dimensions are 3.4" Height x 12.6" Length x 14.3" Width. To make certain your transaction goes well and everybody comes out satisfied, I'll offer you tips before you purchase this Tyan main board. Therefore you will not be unsatisfied after purchasing it and in accordance with the item you really want. You can also find price comparisons from dealers that I met, to make sure you truly get the best price at the moment for this product.


Model: S7020AGM2NR
UPS: 635872025518
Package Quantity: 1


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