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Tyan S5220AG2NR - LGA775 Intel Q35 Chipset Atx Server Motherboard DDR2 Sata Vga Pcie Gigabit Lan Audio

S5220AG2NR5 Star Rating
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a S5220AG2NR mod helps to make your computer truly feel brand new. One of the several best features is the tyan s5220ag2nr - lga775 intel q35 chipset atx server motherboard ddr2 sata vga pcie gigabit lan audio. Other features include things like tyan s5220ag2nr, 3-year warranty and new - retail. The part number for this product is S5220AG2NR. The Tyan motherboard has a weight of 5 lbs. For more information regarding this main board, click on the shopping cart button below.

tyan intel chipset server motherboard sata

  • 3-Year Warranty
  • New - Retail
  • Tyan S5220AG2NR
  • Tyan S5220AG2NR - LGA775 Intel Q35 Chipset ATX Server Motherboard DDR2 SATA VGA PCIE Gigabit LAN Audio
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs.

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