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Tyan Motherboard S7052WGM5NR Intel Xeon LGA2011 C602 DDR3 Sata Pci Express Ssi Eeb Retail

Motherboard S7052WGM5NR Intel Xeon LGA20115 Star Rating
Motherboard S7052WGM5NR Intel Xeon LGA2011
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You an buy different products from the convenience of your house. Do you wish to order a Tyan motherboard? Have a look at the Motherboard S7052WGM5NR made by Tyan. The model number for this MB is S7052WGM5NR. It weighs just about 5 lbs. To ensure that your transaction goes smoothly and everybody comes out satisfied, I'll offer tips prior to buying this motherboard. So you are not unsatisfied after purchasing it also in accordance with the item you desire. There are also price comparisons from vendors we found, so that you truly receive the best value at the moment with this amazing item. Awesome deal on Motherboard S7052WGM5NR. For the best deal on this Tyan motherboard besides other main boards, visit our affilate link on this site.

tyan motherboard intel xeon sata express


SpecificationsMfr Part Number: S7052WGM5NRCPU: Dual LGA2011; Supports Intel Xeon E5-2600 Series Processors; QPI as a lot as 8. 0GT/s; Supports as much as 135W TDPChipset: Intel C602Memory: 24x 240pin DDR3-1333/1066/800 DIMM Slots,  Quad Channel, Supports up to 128GB Unbuffered Memory or 512GB Registered MemorySlots: 1x PCI-Express 3. 0 x8 SlotsSAS:  Intel C602 Controller, Supports 8x SAS 3. 0 x4  Slot; 3x PCI-Express 3. 0Gbps Ports, Supports RAID 0/1/10SATA: 2x SATA3 Ports, 4x SATA2 Ports, Supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10Video: Aspeed AST2300 Graphic ControllerLAN: Integrated Intel 82574L / Quad Intel I350-AM2 Gigabit Ethernet ControllerPorts: 7x USB 2. 0 mm 0 Ports (2 rear,  4 by way of cable, 1 type A onboard) ; 1x Serial Port; 1x VGA Port; 5x RJ45 LAN PortsForm Factor: SSI EEB, 12. 0 x 330. 0 inch / 305. 0 x 13.

  • Count: 1
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs.

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