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Tyan Dual Socket C32 Amd SR5690 DDR3 1333 Extended Atx Server Motherboard S8225WAGM4NRF

Dual Socket C32 Amd SR5690 DDR3 1333

Improve your personal computer's efficiency by adding a Dual Socket C32 Amd made by Tyan. One of the many major characteristics is the pci express x8:1 x pci-e gen. 2 x8 slot (w/ x4 link). Other features include things like pci express x4:1 x pci-e gen. 2 x4 slot, pci express 2. 0 x 16:4 and number of ddr3 slots: 8 x 240pin. The motherboard is 13"H x 12"L x 3.5"W. MPN: 0635872028823. The dual socket c32 amd, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.


Model: S8225WAGM4NRF
UPS: 635872028823
Package Quantity: 1


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