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Tyan Computer Eatx Mbd Dual Opteron K8R-U320 Scsi Raid 8X Agp ( S2881UG2NR )

Computer Eatx Mbd Dual Opteron K8RU320

The Computer Eatx Mbd is a good Tyan motherboard. The UPC barcode for this motherboard is 635872008733. The Tyan main board dimensions are 3.15" Height x 14.57" Length x 12.6" Width. It weighs only 4.94 lbs. For the greatest offer for this Tyan main board and various other Tyan main boards, click on our partners via the add to cart button on this page.


Model: S2881UG2NR
UPS: 635872008733
Package Quantity: 1


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