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Tyan Amd Socket G34 LGA-1944 X Retail Pack Ssi Meb 1 X Processor Support 256 Gb DDR3 Server Motherboard S8232WGM4NR

Amd Socket G34 LGA-1944 X Retail Pack5 Star Rating
Amd Socket G34 LGA1944 X Retail Pack
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Searching for a Tyan main board? The Amd Socket G34 LGA-1944 manufactured by Tyan is a superb Tyan main board. S8232WGM4NR is the model number for this item. One of the many features for these main boards is the processor technology hyper transport 3. 0 technology. Other features include things like multi gpu supported sli, processor supported opteron, processor socket socket g34 lga-1944, chipset model sr5690 and hyper transport 3 mhz. The motherboard dimensions are 13"H x 16"L x 3.5"W and has got a weight of 4.7 lbs. Best deal for the amd socket g34 lga-1944. For more information on this MB, click on the shopping cart add to cart button below.

tyan socket retail pack processor server

  • Processor Supported Opteron
  • Chipset Manufacturer AMD
  • Multi GPU Supported SLI
  • Chipset Model SR5690
  • Hyper Transport 3 MHz
  • Front Side Bus Not Applicable
  • Processor Technology Hyper Transport 3. 0 Technology
  • Processor Socket Socket G34 LGA-1944
  • Count: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 13" Length: 16" Depth: 3.5"
  • Product Weight: 4.7 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 3.8" Length: 19.4" Width: 15.7"
  • Package Weight: 7.25 lbs.

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