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Tyan 2-WAY Opteron 6100 Socket G34 12-CORE DDR3 SAS2/SATA2 Raid Gbe Hd-audio Pcie Meb Server Motherboard S8232WAG2NRF-LE

2WAY Opteron 6100 Socket G34 12CORE

Are you looking to purchase a MB for your computer? The 2-WAY Opteron 6100 is a good item. I definitely liked that the item had the feature of sata:amd sp5100 sata2 3. 0gbps controller. Other features consist of dual sockets of amd g34, lga 1944-pin, pci express: two pci-e 2. 0 x16 slots and support six sata ports. It's dimensions are 13" Height x 16" Length x 3.5" Width. It weighs approximately 4.7 lbs. Searching for 2-WAY Opteron 6100, visit the hyperlink below.


Model: S8232WAG2NRF-LE
UPS: 635872030215


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